Sonar range prediction is a complex process which requires a multitude of data inputs from many sources.  While we make every effort to produce a user-friendly system, training is advisable to make the most of the software as quickly as possible.  OAD provides training courses in both underwater acoustics and the use of our proprietary software using highly experienced instructors.

The SPUTS database (Sonar Parameters for Unclassified Training) is used for training courses. SPUTs are a set of fictitious yet realistic sonar parameters which are designed to simulate the operational behaviour of ship sonars without the need to use real, classified sonar parameters.

The following information below outlines our most common courses however the course content can be modified as required so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific training requirements.

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Our training courses aim to help students make rapid progress towards effective, reliable and confident use of our software.
J. Hodgson - Director OAD

Foundation Course


To provide the student with a thorough basic understanding of the principles, techniques and methodology involved in military sonar performance assessment and range prediction.

Modules Include:

Oceanography, underwater acoustics, noise sources, propagation loss (with respect to modelling), propagation loss models, range prediction, data representation

WADER Operator Course


To provide the student with a thorough basic knowledge of the use of the WADER program to produce:

  • Environmental briefings
  • General sonar performance assessment
  • Specific sonar range prediction

Modules Include:

System overview, sonar editor, main screen, environment screen, analysis screen, briefings

WADER Technician Course


To provide the student with an extended knowledge of WADER functionality including system administration and maintenance.

Modules Include:

Acoustics, sonar files, import/export formats, installation procedures, system maintenance, configuration files

Included in all Courses

  • Flexible course syllabuses – bespoke if necessary
  • Highly experienced instructors with many years experience in operational underwater acoustics and tactical oceanography – most are ex-UKRN Officers
  • Loan of appropriate software for the duration of the course
  • Locations convenient to the customer
  • A course coordinator as a single point of contact
  • A student certificate on successful completion of the course

HARCAM Courses

Bespoke course syllabuses for HARCAM courses can be arranged for customers if requested. HARCAM is designed for research (rather than operational) use and users should expect to dedicate some time to familiarising themselves with the software before any planned project.  When leasing HARCAM for the first time, one week of extra use is provided free of charge for this purpose.