OAD WADER V8.3 Sonar Editor - sonar range prediction software

Sonar Editor in More Detail (Learn More)

The data shown is for a fictitious active CW hull mounted sonar. The SPUTS (Sonar Parameters for Unclassified Training Systems) dataset is provided with WADER. SPUTS is a set of fictitious sonars that behave like their real counterparts and can be used for training.

The Sonar Editor is where users define detailed parameters for their own and other sonar systems. A full range of parameters can be defined from basic source levels to transducer beam parameters (depression, width and side lobe level).

This data can be supplied by the user at run time or by shoreside support staff in advance of the requirement.

Users can edit the sonar tree as required and create an unlimited number of sonars.

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A WADER brochure is available in English. This booklet contains further information about WADER features, additional screenshots and data specifications. Please email us by clicking the WADER brochure image on the right to receive a copy.