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The chart controls select the chart area and World Vector Shoreline operations.

The TDA controls select sonar range prediction displays using colour coded ‘blobby radial’ displays.

The TDA Data controls allow the user to edit the sonar and target depth parameters for propagation loss overlay displays.

The water column & sediment displays, can show either temperature, salinity, sound speed, buoyancy frequency profiles, or a sediment data set with seabed reflection loss profiles. Each is updated as the mouse is moved over the chart.

The main chart area (centre) ranges in coverage from a Global chart to an area of approximately 1nmi across. The chart is constructed using bathymetry data and, where high coastline definition is required, the World Vector Shoreline (WVS) at a scale of 1:100000.

The climatology (environmental) data display, updates continuously as the mouse moves over the chart area.

This display includes simple air-water interface parameters such as wind speed and air pressure but is mainly aimed at underwater features such as mixed layer thickness, depth excess and range to first convergence zone (CZ1).

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A WADER brochure is available in English. This booklet contains further information about WADER features, additional screenshots and data specifications. Please email us by clicking the WADER brochure image on the right to receive a copy.